Food Service
Food Service

Starting early 2019, we are very proud that PT MSI had expanded its wings to cater food service industry in Indonesia. Our customer base include Hotel, Restaurants, Café (HORECA) and modern channel. We are priviliged to have work with many international leading brands that give us  - branding and exclusive products. We are also entrusted by distinguished international and domestic companies to carry their brand and distribute their product.

In 2021, PT Liandra Pangan Jaya was estabilised or known as so called "Larder Indonesia" is standing firm as one of the subsidiary company of PT MSI to cater food service in Indonesia. We believe with the birth of Larder Indonesia, we will be triumphant as food solution partner in penetrating HORECA and modern channel in Indonesia.




               NERI                                        ROCCHI                         TRIVELLI TARTUFI                 TIPTREE                               FERRARINI



                                                                                                                               LARDER INDONESIA 

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